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How TO clean green euros?

How to clean green euros at home with a specialty? A great solution for SSD to clean any black and color coins with erased currency, available at. We Laboratories around the world. Our automated SSD solutions are also used to clean wind-proof colored banknotes, accounts such as USD, EUR, Pounds and other local currencies.

We are direct manufacturer and main supplier of all kinds of chemicals including SSD solutions, super auto solutions and activation powders. We have different kinds of chemicals which can perfectly erase your smudge notes, black notes, red notes, green notes, colored notes, stamped notes and also coded notes. We also melt frozen chemicals in our laboratory and our service is professional because we serve our customers all over the world.and you can Buy ssd chemical solution in Ethiopia.

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How often do you issue old banknotes? Not very often if you think about it carefully. This is because of the nearby banking institutions and even merchants they refuse to accept it. And that’s why you crash from time to time. If other stains damage the banknote, dealers and banks can also reject it. In fact, this is the secret why the money-laundering coat is hidden. So no one can spend money if they are surprised.

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